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Among the Greek islands, in our blue sea, there are many interesting, and popular choices where your dream vacation becomes a reality. With an exciting nightlife and a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine, Greece fascinates every visitor who wants to experience lifetime memories and taste culinary delights. We invite you to discover the beautiful exotic destinations in our region and return home with strong memories etched in your mind.


Discover the unique beauty of our region. The region of Epirus is famous for its natural beauty, charming landscapes, and the hospitality of its people. Our outstanding mountains, canyons, traditional villages, rivers with clear waters, promise to steal a part of each traveler’s heart and fill their minds with unique moments.

IOANNINA – The city of Legents

The city of silversmiths, long tradition and history offers its visitors historical monuments, museums while its natural beauty is a paradise for all ecotourism enthusiasts

The paths in the old Castle of Ioannina takes its visitors back in time to another era full of secrets and legends. In the beautiful Lake Pamvotis, surrounded by the mountains of Epirus, sits an island in the center that is known for being the only inhabited island without a name in which Ali Pasha’s house-museum is located. The historic castle, the oldest Byzantine castle, was built in 528 AD. Within the castle, you can visit many historical places such as the Byzantine Museum and Fétié Mosque, Ali Pasha’s tomb, Sufari Serai, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Artistic Crafts.

You can also visit the following attractions:

  • Ancient Theater of Dodoni: Built in the 3rd century BC (297-272).
  • Perama Cave: With a length of 830m it covers a total of 14,400 sq.m.
  • Museum of Greek History – wax models Pavlos Vrellis


46 traditional villages located in the mountains. The gorge of Vikos “splits” the mountain, offering a spectacular view. Between the mountains runs the river of Voidomatis, known to be the cleanest river in Europe, with its arched bridges.

There many outdoor activities in Zagorohoria such as hiking, climbing, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking etc.


Traditional villages, located on high mountain peaks, next to deep gorges, rivers and waterfalls. You can admire the stone bridges of Plaka, Politsa, Sigounis, Kostadima, as well as the folk museums in Syrrako, Kalarrytes, Agnanta and Kypseli. Close to Pramanta is the magnificent cave “Anemotrypa”, which consists of three levels with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls, ponds and an underground river. The waterfalls in the villages of Theodoriana and Katarraktis (100 m & 87 m) are impressive. You can hike to the villages of Strogoula and Agathi, or you can go rafting and kayaking in Arahthos river and Kalarrytiko.


The region of Epirus, beyond its natural beauty, is also famous for the abundance of churches and monasteries that held high the faith of the Greeks. Listed below are some suggested monasteries that you should visit.

  • Holy Monastery of Tsouka in Elliniko (1.190 A.D.)
  • Monastery of Vilias in Matsouki (11th century)
  • Holy Monastery of St. Paraskevi in Monodendri (11th century)
  • Monastery of Avgoustinos & Serafim in Trikorfo Focida
  • Monastery of Saint Raphael, Nicholas & Irene in Goumenissa Kilkis (Remains of Relics of the Saints Raphael, Nicholas and St. Mary)


The morphology of the region of Epirus has managed in a way to show travelers another side of tourism, whom wish to escape from the usual excursion. Rivers, gorges, high mountains and alpine lakes are generously offered for outdoor activities and extreme sports such as rafting, canoeing, climbing, trekking, mountain biking. etc.